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Big guy with small car. Writer about growing old and staying young. Will turn 100 in 2067. Will invite all followers!


Science’s Top 5 Secrets to Long and Healthy Life — Plus 2 Bonus Tips

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I hope I die before I get old — Pete Townsend, 1965

I hope I’m old before I die — Robbie Williams, 1997

The first person to turn one hundred and fifty has already been born — David A. Sinclair, 2019

Pop culture shows how society’s view on age has…


If you make one wish for 2021, it’s more of a revelation.

I’m not going to tell you what resolution to make to make your life better. The one resolution which is more of a revelation.

Not yet. The risk that you will not start reading is too high. But you will be rewarded, if you keep reading.

The only resolution that will really change your life for the better is a revelation. Read more here.
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New Year’s resolutions are…

Daniel Cramer

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